Anastacia’s Antiques
617 Bainbridge Street
Philadelphia, PA

Thursday through Saturday:
12pm — 6:30pm
Sunday: 12pm — 5pm

About Us

Anastacia Fahnestock met Scott Evans while both were young students at Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts). Building on a shared fascination for the darker side of Victorian era aesthetics, they began renovating and decorating the former home and studio of opera impresario Rudolfo Pili in South Philadelphia. What started out as a very personal private sanctuary evolved into a laboratory where the study of this aesthetic, combined with barely controlled hoarding tendencies, eventually lead to the creation of Anastacia's Antiques.

The business started small—sidewalk sales with mostly trash-picked merchandise. But once moved indoors, at first in the South Street Antiques Market (ten years!) and later in their current building on Bainbridge Street, they quickly expanded. Covering 2400 square feet, the showroom now overflows with a constantly changing assortment of all types of odd and mundane things that might possibly be of interest and/or use. Who knows to what strange new purpose they might be put.

From the beginning, Stacy and Scott have tried to recreate that feeling of sanctuary they enjoy at home. Every detail is considered in an effort to make walking into Anastacia's more than just another shopping trip. Antique fixtures and showcases help set a mood for quiet contemplation of the items displayed. Many regulars come and stay for hours. One of the most frequently overheard responses is “I want to live here”.